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I am a Liberal Studies Major aspiring to be a 1st Grade Teacher, and eventually taking on an Administrative Role as a Principal!

Welcome to my Page! 🙂

About me:

I am currently a Senior here at CSUSM, finally preparing to graduate this Spring. I have played on the Club Soccer team here for the past 3 years. I love playing Basketball, and basically any other sport that brings out my competitive side. I also have a 6 month old pug named Grace!

Assignment 1- Ways of Seeing

Rules of Third


Leading Lines

Balance: Asymmetrical

Balance: Symmetrical



Spot Color

Contrasting and Harmonious Colors


I had taken this picture earlier this week of my friends, and I believed that it captured the essence of a silhouette in a unique and minor way

Negative Space

I took this picture this week when me and my girlfriend took a trip to the Glamis Sand Dunes here in Southern California

Birds Eye View

I had recently taken this picture of my brothers at our house playing over winter break and thought that its a great example of birds eye view.

Worms Eye View

I had also recently taken this picture of the Space needle on my iPhone when I took a trip up to Washington back in December. I thought it was a great example of multiple aspects in Ways of Seeing, especially Worms Eye View

Assignment #2 Diptychs and Triptychs

Natural Light (Eflin Forest 3/3/21)

Elfin Forest, San Marcos

Environmental Portraits (3/12/21)

Carlsbad, CA

Photo Story Project

I took these photos on a Trip up to Big Bear with my girlfriend!

Final Book Project


Night Photography

Some photos I took of my friends skateboarding. I loved that the effect my camera made with the lights, almost making them look like lazer beams. The first is of my girlfriend.


My friends Pug puppy

Color Patel

Corner of the roof of my apartment.

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